Who is managing the Masjid project?

Saarban Islamic Trust is managing the Masjid project.

What is IFAM

IFAM is a national Islamic Dawah organization which has Dawah units in NSW, QLD, VIC and ACT. Its regular Dawah activities in Canberra & Queanbeyan includes WhyIslam, Annual Islamic Quiz for kids, Quran Tajweed & Hifz for kids, Quarnic Circles, Youth Camps, Charity Australia events, Eid Milan and Muslim Mother Groups etc.

What is Saarban Islamic Trust?

Saarban Islamic Trust division is anther initiative of IFAM (Islamic Forum for Australian Muslims) . The main purpose of Saarban Islamic Trust is to build Masajids. At Saarban, our aim is to build such institutions which can help us to raise our upcoming generations according to the teachings of Islam.

How IFAM is fund raising for Melbourne Masjid?

We have a formal Masjid committee of IFAM VIC. Its objectives are: o To raise awareness about Masjid project in Melbourne o To disseminate information and updates on Masjid project to public o To organize fund raising campaigns.

Why we are building a Masjid in Narre Warren?

Over 15000 Muslims residing in Casey City Council and the Muslim population is growing every year and there is only one mosque which is already facing issues like parking and overcrowding, to overcome these issues Muslims in this region need another permanent place of worship and an Islamic centre to fulfil the religious and social needs of Muslim men, women and children.

What are the size and price of the Land?

This proposed land of masjid lies from 37 km south-east of Melbourne’s central business district in suburb of Narre Warren North. o Total area of the plot is approximately 22 acres. o Some of the property features include main road frontage, ample space for car park and muslim population hub in future.

How are you going to fund the project?

Through Donation from Muslim Community, Islamic Organizations and Fund raising Dinners

What are your plans about activities of Masjid?

Melbourne Masjid will be a dedicated Masjid (House of Allah). o It will not only serve as a place of worship but also a platform for the Tarbiyah of coming generations. o Besides various Youth Activities, we will be running weekly Quran classes, Dawaah sessions, Quranic Study Circles for the Men and women at the Masjid.